This program's mission is to promote healthy habits among the population. Its purpose is to eradicate sedentary lifestyle within schools. Thanks to its coaching-based practices, ACTIVA-T ensures the reinforcement of institutional and social values among participants, emphasizing on teamwork, motivation, integration, sense of belonging, personal and social responsibility, among others.



At ENCUENTRA-T JALISCO A.C., we are collaborating with Actívate Ya, a specialized enterprise on physical activation in organizations, with the purpose to implement the ACTIVA-T program on our 51 target schools. The success of this program is due to the following set of techniques:

  • Tracking Results: allows you to obtain accurate results and generate real statistics on participation.

  • Rewards system: participants will be able to exchange the points generated by performing physical activity for rewards.

  • Active heroes: if participants accumulate enough steps to reach their goal, they will be supporting some community cause.

  • Communication: We use different communication tools to keep in touch with users.

  • Social Recognition: Users will be able to share their achievements with colleagues, friends and family.

  • Gamification: we use successful gamification strategies to stimulate the desire toparticipate in the program.


Our goal is to keep the participants physically active during the program through mini-challenges and different activities that will be constantly communicated through the teachers so that, once the program is finished, they will be able to create an adherence to physical activity. We intend to achieve this through to the physical, psychological and social well-being perceived during the program.